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Blue Merle Dog

Australian Shepherd Puppies For Sale In Ohio
Australian Shepherd Puppies For Sale In Ohio

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Australian Shepherd Pics
Australian Shepherd Pics

Australian Shepherd Ohio Small
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Mini Australian Shepherd Breeders

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Blue Merle Puppies
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Deanna Charlton says:

However, it is still a beautiful dog! :)

Deanna Charlton says:

Thank you eam! I agree that is DEFINITELY NOT a blue merle AUSSIE!

lgBODxFq says:

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tia scott says:

we are looking for an ausie puppie. please let us know . sincerely tia

tia scott and jim roberts says:

would absolutely love to own one of these beautiful creatures. we have a friend that owns two big and beautiful dogs

lisa mielke says:

I am helping a Vietnam Veteran locate a sheltie the word Blue came up in conversation last night. He lives in Maryland but is close to Pennsylvania and can travel to meet other puppies for adoption.

faith says:

these dogs are so beautiful i wish i can get one

eam says:

That is deffinatly NOT a blue merle aussie. Thats a blue merle collie dog.

Lydia says:

The blue merle pictured with the long nose, long tail & prick ears is a collie, not an Aussie. Same coloring as the Aussies, but different breed - collies come in blue merle, too.

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